Welcome to visit the production process of LAF package solutions. As one of the largest bulk liquid packaging manufacturers around the globe, LAF is capable of providing a large variety of packaging solutions such as flexitank, IBC, BIB, dry bulk liner, etc. for our dear customers.

Let's follow the creation of flexitank through a photo tour of LAF factory.

Located inQingdao, LAF Packaging production facility occupies 10,000 square meter, with workshops, warehouse, laboratory, etc.

To make sure whether the flexitank is high-qualified and food-grade, we would firstly inspect whether the raw material is qualified by means of professional machine, technician and quality control team.

Flange &Valve Check lab

We will implement technical inspection and high temperature sterilization to every piece of flange and flexitank valve before assembling onto flexitank.

Professional technician is doing regular physical parameters test to raw materials in dedicated lab.

PE raw material must get through strict quality test and ozone sterilization before production.

In food grade flexitank workshop, we can realize the production capacity of 8000+ flexitanks per month.

The highly skilled worker is installing flange precisely on the flexitank with symmetrical strength by torque spanner.

To ensure safe and solid heat seal line, the machinist must utilize professional heat seal machine and set precise temperature, pressure and time to make sure before heat sealing.

We can keep food grade cargo in inner workshop away from external non-food grade cargo packaging area by conveyor, thus avoiding contamination.

Our quality control team tests the finished flexitank every week by Whisper leak detector so as to ensure high and reliable quality.

Except flexitanks, we also manufacture IBC and dry bulk liner. We concentrate on details and outstanding designs. "People, Products, Process" is what makes us stand out from the competition.

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