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    1. Food Grade Liquid FlexitankDiffering from ISO tank, this bulk liquid container has no cost for tank cleaning and returning. Thanks to LAF flexitank, each 20ft ISO container can load 30% more liquids than iron drum. Each 20ft ISO container fitted with LAF flexibag can save more than 50% package cost over that of iron drum.
    1. Nonhazardous Chemical Flexitank

      In addition, modern non-dangerous chemical flexibag features great improvement on design. For instance, it comes with double-walled bulkheads and improved shape, thereby lowering pressure on the door and improving safety and installation convenience.

    1. Beverage Flexitank

      All PE membrane materials, tested by SGS, are in full compliance with the regulations formulated by FDA for food contact polyethylene, and comply with regulations of European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC and its amendments relating to food contact plastic materials and articles.

    1. Heat Resistant FlexitankThis PE flexitank is applicable to packaging and transporting all kinds of road asphalt, liquid paraffin, waterproof materials, high temperature liquid chemicals, etc.
      The inner layers of our heat resistant flexitank are made from polyethylene, which can maintain the quality of asphalt and feature eco-friendliness and convenience.
    1. Flexitank for Vehicle

      It can be used with all kinds of motor vehicle such as farm vehicle, pickup truck, light truck and heavy truck to transport bulk liquid in short and long distance, making liquid transportation more economical, flexible and rapid. This truck trailer flexitank can maximize the effective loading capacity ...

    1. Paper IBC

      The paper IBC is applicable to the storage and transport of liquid food and non-dangerous liquid chemicals. LAF paper IBC boasts two types, namely 1000L paper IBC and 220L paper IBC. Also, we can offer customized products as per unique requirements of our customer.

    1. Steel Tank IBC

      Being specifically treated, the surface is corrosion resistant, which is in compliance with environmental protection standard.
      This chemical liquid steel IBC can be reusable, thus reducing cost.
      LAF steel tank IBC is foldable and stackable, saving storage space.

    1. Steel Caged IBCThe filling port lid is equipped with an efficient air exhausting device, which can effectively avoid overpressure caused by liquid decomposition or evaporation, ensuring safety. The steel caged IBC is characterized by collapsible design, giving convenience for replacing accidentally worn parts.
    1. IBC LinerOur IBC liner is specially designed for storage and transport of food grade products and non-hazardous liquid chemicals. It can be used with wide variety of IBCs, including foldable paper IBC, foldable plastic composite IBC, steel tank IBC, steel caged IBC, etc.
    1. BIB (Bag in Box)It is comprised of a plastic liner bag, made of two layers of food grade PE film with different valves, housed within a corrugated fiberboard box. The two layer of PE liner can enhance physical strength and durability of the food storage container, hence ensuring safe transport.
    1. Jumbo BagPackaging and logistic cost of the jumbo bag is extremely low, 30-50% less than that of drum and paper bag.
      Small size and portability make this chemicals packaging bag convenient for storing, stacking and transporting bitumen ready to be used in road construction.
    1. PP Dry Bulk Container Liner

      It is specifically designed based on the cargos and loading & unloading devices of the customer. In general, this bulk cargo container liner bag boasts two types, namely upper loading and bottom unloading liner as well as bottom loading and bottom unloading liner. According to the loading and unloading modes ...

    1. PE Dry Bulk Container Liner

      The PE dry bulk container liner is completely sealed when it is directly transported from factory to customer's warehouse, thus avoiding pollution to the environment. In addition, pollution caused during the process of unpacking is reduced.
      It can increase loading capacity, reduce working time and labor cost, lower ...

    1. Electric Heating Pad for ContainerIt features high heating efficiency, great heat conductivity and heating uniformity.
      This IBC electric heating pad can be reusable. Before being reused, it must be proved qualified through test. The container heating pad can achieve precise temperature control. The heating temperature can be adjusted according ...
    1. Steam Heating Pad for ContainerThe air outlet can be hung in the shipping container, heating the whole container circularly and efficiently. It will generate no pollution to the environment. The steam heating pad for container can be reusable as all items of test are qualified.