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Flexitank Solutions for Special Products

In transportation, specially designed flexitank should be used to transport some special products such as wine, road bitumen, etc. If the package is unqualified, deterioration, loss and other damage may occur, bringing big trouble to users.

Now, LAF flexitank comes to help you handle that problem. We can design and manufacture unique flexitank based on your special requirements, thus eradicating loss caused during transportation. Several kinds of special products flexitank are as follows.

A. Wine Flexitank
LAF wine flexitank is typically designed for bulk wine transport. The additional one layer aluminum film or EVOH film could get rid of your worry about the deterioration of wine during transportation.

B. High Resistant Flexitank
LAF designs a high resistant flexitank for transporting road bitumen, liquid paraffin, waterproof material and high temperature chemical liquids. This flexibag can withstand 60-90℃ filling temperature, and it is also high pressure resistant and durable.

C. Flexitank for Vehicle
The truck trailer flexitank is a new packaging solution that is suitable for long-distance transport of non-hazardous bulk liquid via motor vehicles.

D. No Bulkhead Flexitank
No Bulkhead Flexitank can save bulkhead cost and labor cost for fitting the bulkhead. It is easy to operate, thus lowering cost for filling it in the container.

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