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Packaging Solutions for ISO Container

Does your company still choose the traditional packaging that is different from LAF flexitank for bulk liquid transportation?

Does your company still choose the traditional packaging including 200L steel drums, 1000-1200L IBC, ISO tank to pack and transport large-scale bulk liquid cargo?

If your answer is yes, you can figure out from the following comparison table that flexitank is the most economical and convenient packaging for the transport of bulk liquid cargo.

Comparison Table

200L Steel Drums

Loading Qty:80 steel drums/20ft container
Applicability: Small-lot cargo
Packaging Cost: USD 23-31/set , USD 1900-2540/20'
Capacity: 16,000L /20ft container
Advantages: Easy for stockpiling

1. High packaging cost(empty drums disposal)
2. Complicate loading and discharging, caution is required
3. Complicate pumping, residue is high
4. High labor cost,
Inconvenient in additional functions experiment, such as heating

1000-1200L IBC

Loading Qty: 18 pieces of IBC/20ft container
Applicability: Medium and small-lot cargo
Packaging Cost: USD 190/set, USD3.428/20ft container
Capacity: 21,600L /20ft container

1. Easy for stockpiling
2. Unit packaging cost is lower than steel drums

1.High packaging cost
3.High storage cost
4. Forklift is needed.

ISO Tank

Applicability: Chemical in bulk for land and ocean transport
Capacity: 24,000L (Max.)

Packaging Cost
ISO tank renting fee: about USD450/30 days
Tank return fee and cleaning fee: about USD6000/30 days

1.Easy to load and discharge
2. Easy to transport and suitable for global transportation.
3.Low risk
4.With more functions, such as heating
5.Suitable for carriage of dangerous goods

1. High renting fee
2. Other charges: higher inland drayage fee, filling and discharging fee, tank returning fee, and tank cleaning fee.
3. It is limited in quantity and vessel space
4. Special training on filling and discharging is required

LAF Flexitank

Loading Qty: 1 flexitank/20ft container
Applicability: Non-hazardous chemical in bulk for land and ocean transport
Capacity: 24,000L /20ft container

Packaging Cost
Chinese domestic price: USD 328/set
The flexitank system price depends on the cargo value and different market situation

1. Low cost, the most economical packaging method for non-hazardous liquid in bulk
2. Suitable for ocean, road and railway transport
3. Easy to load and unload;
Low labor cost and time;
2 persons can finish the filling or discharging within 1 hour with no need of forklift.
4. Big loading capacity, 8000L more than steel drums per 20ft container, and 2400L more than IBC tanks per 20ft container.
5. Compared with ISO tank, it is not restricted by supply, distribution, region or environment; it has no inland drayage fee, container returning fee, cleaning fee, demurrage fee, etc

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