1. Electric Heating Pad for ContainerIt features high heating efficiency, great heat conductivity and heating uniformity.
      This IBC electric heating pad can be reusable. Before being reused, it must be proved qualified through test. The container heating pad can achieve precise temperature control. The heating temperature can be adjusted according ...
    1. Steam Heating Pad for ContainerThe air outlet can be hung in the shipping container, heating the whole container circularly and efficiently. It will generate no pollution to the environment. The steam heating pad for container can be reusable as all items of test are qualified.

Heating Pad for Container

The heating pad for container is used for heating liquid products with low melting point so as to increase fluidity and then make it easy to discharge. According to shipping containers, we offer various flexitank heating pads with different shapes, including square heating pad and octagonal heating pad.

LAF is committed to providing whole set of products and services for our customers who have demands in liquid transportation. While we offer new packaging, we pay more attention to the details of product application in order to provide user-friendly and convenient accessories. Our heating pad for container can be divided into electric type and stream type.