1. PP Dry Bulk Container Liner

      It is specifically designed based on the cargos and loading & unloading devices of the customer. In general, this bulk cargo container liner bag boasts two types, namely upper loading and bottom unloading liner as well as bottom loading and bottom unloading liner. According to the loading and unloading modes ...

    1. PE Dry Bulk Container Liner

      The PE dry bulk container liner is completely sealed when it is directly transported from factory to customer's warehouse, thus avoiding pollution to the environment. In addition, pollution caused during the process of unpacking is reduced.
      It can increase loading capacity, reduce working time and labor cost, lower ...


Dry Bulk Liner

The dry bulk liner is an ideal solution for the bulk shipping of dry materials so as to reduce cost and pollution. It is suitable for most food and non-hazardous chemical products. This dry bulk shipping container liner can be divided into two types according to materials, namely PP dry bulk container liner and PE dry bulk container liner.

1. Low Cost

The flexible container liner can effectively increase loading capacity of the container so that working time and labor cost can be correspondingly reduced. Packaging cost and cost for disposing packaging bag can also be lowered. In addition, storage cost can be decreased in that it can be used as a warehouse.

2. Low Pollution
The dry bulk liner completed sealed will be directly moved from factory to the warehouse of customer, thus effectively avoiding pollution to the environment. Furthermore, pollution generated during unpacking can be reduced.