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PE Dry Bulk Container Liner

PE dry bulk container liner is a kind of flexible packaging bag designed for containers to transport free-flowing bulk products as well as granular or powdery bulk cargo in domestic freight by means of low cost, low pollution and wide application.

1. Low Cost

Compared with other packaging methods, LAF PE dry bulk liner comes with lower cost. Specifically, it can increase loading capacity, reduce working time and labor cost, lower packaging cost and eliminate disposal cost of the bag, as well as decrease storage cost in that the ISO container liner can be used as a warehouse.

2. Low Pollution
The PE dry bulk container liner is completely sealed when it is directly transported from factory to customer's warehouse, thus avoiding pollution to the environment. In addition, pollution caused during the process of unpacking is reduced.

Technical Parameters
Material of Liner Body PE 150 micron film
Material of Bulkhead PP(130-170g/m2), with one side coating
Loading & Unloading Opening Design Spouts, zipper opening based on customer's loading & unloading modes
Accessories Straps and the straps' position for steel bars designed according to customer's demand
Dimensions 20ft, 30ft and 40ft
Comparison of 1000L Jumbo Bag and PE Dry Bulk Container Liner
20' ISO Container 1000L Jumbo Bag Container Liner
Quantity 20 1
Packaging Price $6-$8/ Jumbo Bag
$120-$160 /20ft container
$50-$80/PP Container Liner
$50-$80/20ft container
Loading Capacity 20,000L 20,000L
Labor Cost ≥ 3 persons 2 persons
Loading Time ≥ 2 hours ≤ 1 hour
Discharging Time ≥ 1 hour ≤ 1 hour
Non-hazardous free-flowing products Granular or powdery bulk cargo
Cocoa powder Aluminum powder
Fish meal Fertilizer
Flour Baking soda
Milk powder Zinc powder
Salt Cleaner
Starch Porcelain clay
Sugar Titanium dioxide powder
Tea leaf Mixed grain feed
Livestock feed
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