Jumbo Bag

Jumbo bag is a packaging container specially designed for bulk liquid products such as bitumen with high filling temperature. It is composed of a sturdy PE liner enclosed in high tensile wear-resistant woven polypropylene outer box. Hence, this heat-resistant packaging bag is suitable for the storage and transportation of all kinds of road bitumen and chemicals with high filling temperature. The capacity of the bitumen jumbo bag includes 25kg, 40kg, 500kg and 1000kg, which can cover customers' packaging demands.

Product Advantages
1. The flexible freight bag can withstand high temperatures from 110℃ to 180℃. In addition, it is UV, water and oil proof, and enjoys non-poisonous, high pressure-resistant and durable properties.
2. Packaging and logistic cost of the jumbo bag is extremely low, 30-50% less than that of drum and paper bag.
3. Small size and portability make this chemicals packaging bag convenient for storing, stacking and transporting bitumen ready to be used in road construction.
4. The liner bag can be melted into the bitumen without damage to the quality bitumen. Since that, it is friendly to the environment.

Technical Parameters
Item Data
Tensile strength of Material ≥17 mpa
Elongation at Break ≥650%
Max. Temperature Tolerance 110℃ 140℃ 150℃ 180℃
Working Temperature <105℃ <135℃ <145℃ <170℃
Melting Point 150-155℃ 165-170℃ 180-190℃ 220-230℃
Packing Size 200/500/1000 kg/bag 25/40 kg/bag 25/40 kg/bag 25/40 kg/bag
Heat Resistance of Bottom No glue failure happens after testing for 30 minutes under 110℃±1℃/140℃ ±1℃/150℃ ±1℃/180℃ ±1℃
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