BIB (Bag in Box)

The BIB or bag in box is a type of packaging container for the storage and transportation of liquids. It is comprised of a plastic liner bag, made of two layers of food grade PE film with different valves, housed within a corrugated fiberboard box. The two layer of PE liner can enhance physical strength and durability of the food storage container, hence ensuring safe transport.

You can choose one LAF bag-in-box you need from our wide range of specifications, ranging from 1L BIB to 220L BIB, and the valve will be different according to various liquids, thus improving flexibility in packaging, transporting and using. In addition, the PE liner is produced under clean and sterile environment, thus ensuring food safety.

1. Aseptic BIB

Through strict irradiation treatment, the sterile bag in box is free from bacteria. Therefore, you can be totally assured your product will be safe and hygienic.

2. Transparent BIB
LAF transparent BIB is mainly used for storing and transporting all kinds of oils. With various types, it can meet your different requirements.

3. Aluminized BIB
This type of bag in box boasts excellent oxygen barrier performance. It is suitable for storage and transport of a variety of wines, and can effectively extend the expiration date of your products.

Product Advantages
1. Safety

Scientifically designed by sophisticated technology, the food grade liquid packaging BIB features high strength and toughness.
2. Environment Friendliness
The wine bag in box can be recycled, presenting great environment friendliness.
3. Practicability
The bulk liquid packing container is light and portable, so it can be folded or stacked optionally, ensuring convenience for storage and transportation.

1.Food Products: Flat beer, animal oils, beer syrup concentrate, jam, egg-liquid, fruit juice concentrate, glucose, malt extract, water, sauces, sugar syrup, vegetable oils, wine, corn oil, olive oil, palm oil, sorbitol, fish sauce, milk, dark soy sauce, etc.
2. Industrial Products: Lube oils, transformer oils, white oils, silicate binder, natural latex, synthetic latex, glue, glycol, base oils, detergents, glycerine, adhesive, emulsions, water based paints, hair shampoos/conditioner, mineral oils, lanolin, tall oil fatty acid, pharmaceutical ingredients, ti-pure rutile paper slurry, optical brightener, etc.

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