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IBC Liner

Our IBC liner is specially designed for storage and transport of food grade products and non-hazardous liquid chemicals. It can be used with wide variety of IBCs, including foldable paper IBC, foldable plastic composite IBC, steel tank IBC, steel caged IBC, etc.

1. LAF IBC food grade liner is made in safe and hygienic production environment and efficient production line.
2. Based on various requirements of our customer, we offer the most ideal IBC liner bag manufactured out of appropriate materials.
3. According to different filling and discharging requirements, LAF IBC liner is available in proper loading and unloading ports as well as accessories.
4. We can also provide custom-made IBC PE liner bag with suitable specifications as per specific IBC design.

1. Capacity: 200-1400L
2. Types: Upper loading and upper discharging, upper loading and bottom discharging, bottom loading and bottom discharging.
3. Construction: Food grade film, 1/2/3-inch loading port and 2-inch discharging port.
4. Materials: Multiply PE film, high barrier EVOH film, Nylon composite membrane, or aluminum plastic composite membrane, etc.
5. Shapes: Pillow or Cube

Compatible Products
1.Food Products: Flat beer, animal oils, beer syrup concentrate, jam, egg-liquid, fruit juice concentrate, glucose, malt extract, water, sauces, sugar syrup, vegetable oils, wine, corn oil, olive oil, palm oil, sorbitol, fish sauce, milk, dark soy sauce, etc.
2. Industrial Products: Lube oils, transformer oils, white oils, silicate binder, natural latex, synthetic latex, glue, glycol, base oils, detergents, glycerine, adhesive, emulsions, water based paints, hair shampoos/conditioner, mineral oils, lanolin, tall oil fatty acid, pharmaceutical ingredients, ti-pure rutile paper slurry, optical brightener, etc.

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