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Steel Caged IBC

LAF steel caged IBC is suitable for long-term out and back haul application. It is mainly used alone (cleaning cost is necessary) or with liner bag (no cleaning cost) in short distance transportation and storage. When used alone, the steel caged pallet tank can load all kinds of liquids including hazardous article.

1. Liner

The liner bag of this reusable industrial container is made of HMW high density polyethylene resin which boasts outstanding environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR), showing suitability for transporting liquid chemicals.

2. Steel Cage and Pallet
This intermediate bulk shipping container is housed within a steel cage constructed from special-shaped section steel tube, attached to a plastic steel pallet. The hot galvanized steel cage features light weight, great tenacity and strong endurance and the bottom pallet is acid, alkali and corrosion resistant. Hence, the steel caged IBC can withstand accidental fall and pile up by heavy load container, and conform to the shipping requirement of II hazardous articles with density less than 1.9.

3. Valve
This chemical liquid IBC is provided with unique valves that are acid, alkali and corrosion resistant. The discharging valves are divided into DN50 (mm) butterfly valve and DN80 (mm) ball valve. The material of the discharging valve is same with that of the liner, thus ensuring great chemical compatibility. In addition, it is convenient for discharging with few residues and easy for cleaning.

4. Filling Port Lid
The filling port lid is equipped with an efficient air exhausting device, which can effectively avoid overpressure caused by liquid decomposition or evaporation, ensuring safety.

5. Unique Design
The steel caged IBC is characterized by collapsible design, giving convenience for replacing accidentally worn parts. Overall service life is thereby prolonged and packaging cost is greatly reduced.

Technical Parameters
Specs. 1000L
Liner weight 15.5kg
Length 1200mm
Width 1000mm
Height with pallet 1150mm
Diameter of filling port 150mm
Diameter of discharging port 50mm
Forklift opening size 100mm
No. of labeled plate 1-2pcs
Total weight 56kg
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