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Steel Tank IBC

LAF steel tank IBC is composed of collapsible steel tank and food grade liner bag. Special structure design makes the steel tank collapsible, easy to install, corrosion-resistant, endurable, etc. Materials can be recycled, thus ensuring environment friendliness. This collapsible steel tank IBC incorporating liner bag is mainly used for storage and transportation of common food and chemical liquids.

1. Being specifically treated, the surface is corrosion resistant, which is in compliance with environmental protection standard.
2. This chemical liquid steel IBC can be reusable, thus reducing cost.
3. LAF steel tank IBC is foldable and stackable, saving storage space.

External Dimensions 1150×1150×1135 mm
Internal Dimensions 1085×1080×980 mm
Size after Folding 1150×1150×350 mm
Net Weight 140kg±1kg
Actual Capacity 1150litre
Stacked Layers Full load: 4 layers
Empty: 12 layers
Loading Quantity (full load) 20 pcs (20ft container)
Loading Quantity (empty) 70 pcs (20ft container)
140 pcs (40ft container)
Charging Port Size 1/2/3 inches
Discharging Port Size 2 inches
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