1. 940L Paper IBCThis foldable paper IBC can be easily installed and simply operated. It is apt to loading and unloading products, reducing liquid residue and loss.
      The 940L paper IBC is a single trip, disposable packaging container with no cost of cleaning and disposal.
    1. 220L Paper IBC

      Compared with similar products in domestic market, the food grade packaging container boasts amazingly affordable price which is 22% lower than that of 220L steel drum and 26% lower than that of 220L plastic drum.
      The 220L paper IBC can effectively reduce the storage space and cost, saving ...


Paper IBC

The paper IBC is applicable to the storage and transport of liquid food and non-dangerous liquid chemicals. LAF paper IBC boasts two types, namely 1000L paper IBC and 220L paper IBC. Also, we can offer customized products as per unique requirements of our customer.