1. Food Grade Liquid FlexitankDiffering from ISO tank, this bulk liquid container has no cost for tank cleaning and returning. Thanks to LAF flexitank, each 20ft ISO container can load 30% more liquids than iron drum. Each 20ft ISO container fitted with LAF flexibag can save more than 50% package cost over that of iron drum.
    1. Nonhazardous Chemical Flexitank

      In addition, modern non-dangerous chemical flexibag features great improvement on design. For instance, it comes with double-walled bulkheads and improved shape, thereby lowering pressure on the door and improving safety and installation convenience.

    1. Beverage Flexitank

      All PE membrane materials, tested by SGS, are in full compliance with the regulations formulated by FDA for food contact polyethylene, and comply with regulations of European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC and its amendments relating to food contact plastic materials and articles.

    1. Heat Resistant FlexitankThis PE flexitank is applicable to packaging and transporting all kinds of road asphalt, liquid paraffin, waterproof materials, high temperature liquid chemicals, etc.
      The inner layers of our heat resistant flexitank are made from polyethylene, which can maintain the quality of asphalt and feature eco-friendliness and convenience.
    1. Flexitank for Vehicle

      It can be used with all kinds of motor vehicle such as farm vehicle, pickup truck, light truck and heavy truck to transport bulk liquid in short and long distance, making liquid transportation more economical, flexible and rapid. This truck trailer flexitank can maximize the effective loading capacity ...



LAF offers safe, efficient and economical bulk liquid transport service with various LAF flexitanks. We are committed to the reduction of risk, cost and environmental impact during bulk liquids transport.

The LAF flexibag can be used in a 20-foot ISO container for transporting non-hazardous bulk liquid. It is specially designed to make sure that the bulk liquids such as wine, juice, etc. can arrive at the destination safely while freshness and high quality can be maintained. To be specific, this bulk liquid container adopts the latest barrier material which enables wine and beverage to be free from contamination during transit.

1. Safe and Reliable

a. LAF flexitank is constructed from high-tensile and wear-resistant woven polypropylene which improves the strength of inner bag and offer intensive protection to the loaded liquid products.
b. The thickened steel structure bulkhead can assure the liquid goods loaded in the container double protection, which can be clearly testified during the process of COA Railway Impact Test implemented in AAR (TTCI) test center.
c. LAF flexible freight bag is in complete compliance with the standards of the latest version of COA Code of Practice. All railway impact test processes and results are witnessed, verified and certificated by Britain Lloyds certification authority.

2. User-friendly
Our flexitank is dedicatedly designed with a cam lock valve which comes with a built-in anti-suction disc, thus ensuring efficient unloading without human labor.

3. 24-hour Online Global Service
LAF global service network covers 5 continents and 80 base ports. We boast 36 agents around the world, offering tank-to-tank full service logistics including container preparation, flexitank installation, bulk liquid products loading, inland and maritime transportation, unloading at destination port, flexibag disposal and recycle, etc. 24-hour global service hotline will ensure instant communication and action upon request.

4. Eco-friendly
All materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, steel, etc. can be recycled. Therefore, LAF flexitank is environmentally friendly.

5. Cost-effective
1) LAF food-grade flexitank will cost nothing for tank cleaning and returning as compared with ISO tank.
2) Every 20ft ISO container with LAF flexitank can load 30% volume more than that with drum.
3) Every 20ft ISO container with LAF flexitank can save more than 50% packaging cost over that with drum.