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Flexitank for Vehicle

LAF flexitank for vehicle is a new packaging for long distance carriage of liquid products. It can be used with all kinds of motor vehicle such as farm vehicle, pickup truck, light truck and heavy truck to transport bulk liquid in short and long distance, making liquid transportation more economical, flexible and rapid.

1. This truck trailer flexitank can maximize the effective loading capacity, thus saving freight cost. To illustrate, each truck fitted with this flexitank can load 15% more than that with IBC, 44% more than that with plastic drums and 50% more than that with bottles.
2. Time for loading liquid products can be greatly saved by using LAF flexitank for vehicle.
3. This foldable flexibag can be fitted by 2 persons within 1 hour, thus saving labor cost.
4. It costs nothing for cleaning and can be recycled.
5. It is foldable and environment friendly.
6. The food-grade flexitank for vehicle boasts strong permeability resistance and great sealing performance.
7. It can be easily installed without help of forklifts.
8. Reinforced vibration reducing belts are used to protect the flexitank body. In long distance transportation, the belts will tighten the flexitank to protect it from being damaged by liquid slosh or being punctured by sharp objects.
9. It has been approved by FDA, EC, HACCP, ISO9001:2008, ISO22000, Kosher, and Halal.

1. The flexitank for vehicle is constructed from multiple layers of food grade high strength polyethylene enclosed in an outer layer of abrasion-resistant and de-compressive woven polypropylene on which a 3 inches suction-resistant loading and unloading valve is mounted.
2. This disposable liquid container is provided with a clean PE liner, together with plywood or cardboard (prepared by user), to avoid any damage and contamination to the flexitank.
3. It is also specially designed with 4 pieces of reinforced vibration reducing belts.

Vehicle Selection
1. It is applicable to the motor vehicles with length of 6.7m, 9.6m, 13m, etc.
2. Two sides of the truck should be equipped with high guide bars.
3. Capacity ranges from 15,000 to 24,000 litres. (we can offer custom-made products as per customers’ requirement and truck size)

Protection Methods
1. Please clean the floor of the trailer before fitting, avoiding any dirt or protuberance.
2. Fix cardboard, plywood or cystosepiment on the guard bars.
3. Pave corrugated paper, plywood or cystosepiment on the truck floor.
4. Unroll the PE liner on the fixed paperboard or plywood for double protection purpose.
5. Filling temperature should be -20℃-60℃.

In September 2013, a 13m truck fitted a LAF flexitank for vehicle traveled from Qingdao (located in East of China) loading water reducer to the destination in Xinjiang (located in Northwest of China). The cargo arrived at destination safely after 5,500km road transportation for 7 whole days.

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