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Nonhazardous Chemical Flexitank

LAF nonhazardous chemical flexitank is an ideal choice for transporting non-hazardous chemicals in that this flexibag is made of inert materials which will have no chemical reaction with the products.

In comparison to IBCs or drums, this liquid chemical flexitank can load significantly more goods, thus saving time and cost for customers. In addition, modern non-dangerous chemical flexibag features great improvement on design. For instance, it comes with double-walled bulkheads and improved shape, thereby lowering pressure on the door and improving safety and installation convenience.

LAF is a specialized liquid packaging and logistics service provider with more than 6 years of experience in nonhazardous chemicals transportation and high quality non hazardous chemical flexitank supply.

Benefits and Advantages
1. LAF industrial flexitank will help you reduce cost while increase profit.
2. We offer "door to door" delivery service. To be specific, the container can be transferred from ship to truck. Therefore, cost-effective door-to-door service even in inland or hard-to-reach area can be achieved by using LAF flexitanks.
3. It can also be used for a storage tank of liquid products temporarily and even for long time.

Applicable Products
Wide range of non-hazardous chemical products can be carried by this flexitank, including lube oils, transformer oils, white oils, silicate binder, natural latex, synthetic latex, glue, glycol, base oils, detergents, glycerine, adhesive, emulsions, water based paints, hair shampoos, mineral oils, lanolin, tall oil fatty acid, pharmaceutical ingredients, Ti-pure rutile paper slurry, optical brightener, etc.

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