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Beverage Flexitank

LAF beverage flexitank is specially engineered to carry bulk wine and juice by road, rail and sea while maintaining the freshness and quality of the product.

1. Superior Antioxidant Activity

This bulk wine flexitank is designed with aluminum oxidation resistant film. This aluminum film boasts ultra low oxygen transmission rate (≤0.5 cm3/m2•24h•0.1Mpa) which is 50% lower than that of common EVOH film. In addition, compared with the EVOH film, the aluminum film is more durable, with tensile strength being increased by 30%. Longitudinal tensile strength is 33.88 N/15mm and the transverse tensile strength is 30.72 N/15mm.

2. Approved Food-grade Flexitank by FDA and EC
LAF beverage flexitank is approved by the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA), and EC, for the carriage of bulk wine and juice. All PE membrane materials, tested by SGS, are in full compliance with the regulations formulated by FDA for food contact polyethylene, and comply with regulations of European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC and its amendments relating to food contact plastic materials and articles.

3. Special Design for Hygiene Purpose
PE bonnet is specially designed around the valve to keep the valve in completely clean environment. LAF bulk juice flexibag comes with food grade stainless steel valve and flange.

4. Sturdy Steel Frame Bulkhead
Our beverage flexitank is used with a sturdy steel frame bulkhead with polypropylene dam board, enhancing the safety during transportation.

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