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Heat Resistant Flexitank

The heat resistant flexitank, constructed from the latest LAF heat-resistant material technology, is dedicatedly designed for packaging and transporting high temperature bulk liquid products such as liquid asphalt. This liquid flexibag is suitable for all kinds of road asphalt and high temperature liquid chemicals.

Characteristics and Advantages
1. Compared with common flexitanks, this asphalt flexitank can bear 60-90℃ filling temperature and high pressure, ensuring durability.
2. Each 20ft container using this flexible freight bag is capable of loading 30% more than that with iron drums.
3. For each 20ft container with this flexitank instead of iron drum, over 50% package cost can be saved.
4. The inner layers of our heat resistant flexitank are made from polyethylene, which can maintain the quality of asphalt and feature eco-friendliness and convenience.

This PE flexitank is applicable to packaging and transporting all kinds of road asphalt, liquid paraffin, waterproof materials, high temperature liquid chemicals, etc.

Comparison Table
Item Common Flexitank LAF Heat Resistant Flexitank
PE Film General type PE film Modified PE film
Loading with 60℃liquid OK OK
Loading with 70-90℃liquid Soften or even melted OK
Temperature tolerance -10℃ to 60℃ -10℃ to 90℃

Installation and Application Attentions
1. Installation
Installation guide of LAF heat resistant flexitank is similar with that of common resistant.

2. Preparation before Loading
A. Pump preparation. Please select appropriate pump as per the density and viscosity of the liquid products. If they have overlarge density and viscosity (such as asphalt), high-power pump should be used.
B. Heat-resistant pipe preparation. The pipe you select must be able to bear at least 120-130℃.

3. Loading Flow Control
During loading, please control flow and load at the lowest speed of the pump. In general, for liquid goods with high density and viscosity, loading time is about 40 minutes with high power pump while for those with low density, loading time 1.5 hours with normal power pump.

4. Flexitank Cooling after Loading
The heat resistant flexitank should be naturally cooled for several hours after loading (In different seasons and for different cargos, the cooling time will be different). It can not be transported unless it has been cooled to 60-70℃.

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