Professional Liquid and Solid Packaging Bag Provider with International Logistic Services

LAF is a China-based professional bulk cargo packaging and logistics service provider. According to customer’s requirements for shipping container and product prosperities, we offer user-friendly and specialized global logistics solutions, complete set of products and technical support services. Our major products include flexitank, IBC, dry bulk liner and heating pad for container as well as all kinds of matched accessories such as flexitank flange, valve, etc. These shipping facilities are widely used in standard international shipping containers such as 20ft container, 40ft container, etc. for the storage and transport of bulk liquid and solid goods, including food, beverage, chemicals, bitumen, etc. All of LAF products have reliable quality and can efficiently reduce risk, cost and impact on environment during transportation, thus wining great popularity among users.

    1. Nonhazardous Chemical Flexitank
    2. Nonhazardous Chemical Flexitank

      In addition, modern non-dangerous chemical flexibag features great improvement on design. For instance, it comes with double-walled bulkheads and improved shape, thereby lowering pressure on the door and improving safety and installation convenience.

    1. Beverage Flexitank
    2. Beverage Flexitank

      All PE membrane materials, tested by SGS, are in full compliance with the regulations formulated by FDA for food contact polyethylene, and comply with regulations of European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC and its amendments relating to food contact plastic materials and articles.

    1. Flexitank for Vehicle
    2. Flexitank for Vehicle

      It can be used with all kinds of motor vehicle such as farm vehicle, pickup truck, light truck and heavy truck to transport bulk liquid in short and long distance, making liquid transportation more economical, flexible and rapid. This truck trailer flexitank can maximize the effective loading capacity ...

    1. Paper IBC
    2. Paper IBC

      The paper IBC is applicable to the storage and transport of liquid food and non-dangerous liquid chemicals. LAF paper IBC boasts two types, namely 1000L paper IBC and 220L paper IBC. Also, we can offer customized products as per unique requirements of our customer.

    1. PE Dry Bulk Container Liner
    2. PE Dry Bulk Container Liner

      The PE dry bulk container liner is completely sealed when it is directly transported from factory to customer's warehouse, thus avoiding pollution to the environment. In addition, pollution caused during the process of unpacking is reduced.
      It can increase loading capacity, reduce working time and labor cost, lower ...

  • Services
  • 1. Professional Consulting Service
    With more than 8 years of experience and expertise in bulk liquid transportation, LAF offers user-friendly, cost-effective, convenient and efficient bulk liquid packaging and logistics solutions as per specific requirements of customer.

    2. Samples Available
    According to the requirements of customer, we can offer reliable samples for reference.